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Shanti Jayasinha Discography

Globetrotters cover thumb Trumpet Globetrotters - Shanti Paul Jayasinha - OUP 978-0-19-338622-8 2013

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globetrotters site

Trumpet Globetrotters brings together toe-tapping original tunes in styles from around the world-from South African to Cuban and from mariachi to bhangra-for the budding trumpeter. This unique book presents a kaleidoscope of musical traditions, with supporting background information and backing tracks that capture each sound-world. To help with technique and interpretation, every piece includes tailored warm-ups and stylistic tips from the author. With options for trumpet or piano accompaniment, and an inspirational CD, Trumpet Globetrotters is the ultimate resource for trumpeters looking to go travellin'...

Solo trumpet with/without piano

Round Trip CD cover thumb Round Trip - Shanti Paul Jayasinha - (Candid Records CCD 79848) 2007

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The Gatekeeper
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Round Trip
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A Caballo
<a href="music/a_caballo_snippet.mp3">[Play Music]</a>
Rooftop Samba
<a href="music/rooftop_samba_snippet.mp3">[Play Music]</a>
Yambu para DP
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Amazon Reviews
Five Stars - Shanti Paul Jayasinha brings world jazz to a new level, 8 Jan 2008 By Henry Takoma "Henry" (London) This review is from: Round Trip (Audio CD) This is the first CD from Shanti Paul Jayasinha, and the first of many, I am sure. The music is full of gorgeous melodies, supported by infectious grooves and world class improvisation. Shanti Paul's sound on trumpet is bright and confident, and on flugelhorn it is warm and plangent. Patrick Clahar, a former member of Incognito, balances his tenor sound to perfectly match that of the trumpet, and the supporting cast of John Crawford on piano, Andy Lafone on bass and Davide Giovannini on drums create just the right moods for each composition. There are also magnificent contributions form David Pattman on all sorts of Cuban percussion, Tim Garland on Sax, Jim Le Messurier on Peruvian percussion, Chris Wells (Drums + Perc) on a Brazilian Maracatu, and the CD finishes with a big band tune, Outono, a Brazilian samba in 3, featuring many of the stars of the London scene.
Highly enjoyable music that I could listen to many times and still find something new in it.

Five Stars - Definitely a first class round trip, 8 Jan 2008 By Sue J This review is from: Round Trip (Audio CD) This is a really creative, sophisticated and unique album with the fusion of jazz and different rhythms ,and great musicianship from all the musicians involved. My favourite tracks are the Brazilian influenced Outono - a beautiful composition, previously recorded by Nois - it's good to hear it again & Rooftop Samba - both have a poignancy about them.

pic of Satori Cd Satori (33 Records 33JAZZ249)
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Clare Foster, vocals
Shanti Jayasinha arranger, cello, trumpet, flugel, penny whisle
Gabriel Keen, piano
Kaw Regis, guitars
Markku Rinta-Polari, soprano saxophone

pic of A Vontage Cd A Vontade (33 Records 33JAZZ075)
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with Clare Foster (vocals), Paulo De Oliveira (guitar/cavaquinho), Ife Tolentino (bass guitar),
Iian Pattinson (drums & percussion), Marcelo Teim Ruas (cavaquinho)

Clare Foster 'Satori'
The Simon Lasky Group 'Story Inside'

Salsa Celtica 'The Tall Islands'
Stewart Curtis' K-Groove 'Too Loud For Dinner' re-issue

Fran Lewis 'The Jazz Cookbook'
Pete Borthwick 'This Moment'
Sam Reck 'Stepping Over The Line'
Salsa Celtica 'En Vivo En El Norte'
Conjunto Sabroso 'Yo Tengo Lo Que Queria'
Marc Cecil Quintet 'Live at Spikes Place'

Clare Foster 'Where do I start?
Friendly Fires 'Pala'

Clare Foster 'Where do I start?
Friendly Fires 'Friendly Fires'
Jonathen Cohen 'Time Loves Changes'

Courtney Pine 'Transition in Tradition' Destin-E World 777C005005
Clare Foster 'Learning To Love' 33Jazz198
Basement Jaxx feat. Sam Sparro 'Feelings Gone' Ultra Records
Ed Laurie 'Small Boat Big Sea...' Moon Painter Records

Mariko Koike '‘Bewitched'’
Jonathen Cohen 'Little Gidding Suite'
Ed Bentley 'Born In Africa'

Shanti Paul Jayasinha ‘Round Trip’ Candid CCD 79848
Gilad Atzmon – Refuge – ENJA TIP-8888492
Manteca ‘Tremendo Boogaloo’ Freestyle Records FSRCD020
Messin’ Around Volume 5 (1 track, Aldeia de Ogum) Freestyle Records FSRCD035
Alex Wilson "Aventuras" AWCD4
Alex Wilson "Inglaterra" AWCD5
Alex Wilson "Urban Latin" West One WOM081

Nouveau Edge (J’Noir and Jazzwise) (1 track, Lalubanché) CMJR001
Oumou Sangare "Oumou." World Circuit WCD067
Claridade "À Vontade" 33JAZZ075
Ken McCarthy Seven "The Little Big Band" KMCC701

ABRSM Jazz Trumpet syllabus Grades 1 – 5, including all scale demos

Vanessa-Mae - Choreography - Sony BMG 90895
Bill Jones - Bits & Pieces - brick003CD
The Tito Lopez Combo – Still Smokin’ TRCD03

Bill Jones - Two Year Winter - brick005CD
Clare Foster - The Music and I - Future Music Records UGCD11-1003
The Tito Lopez Combo - One for the Muchachos - Titos record TRCD001

Monica Vasconcelos & Nois - Oferenda - Candid CCD 79791
Clare Foster - Believing in Angels - 33JAZZ058
Alex Wilson - R&B Latino Candid ZOCD78502
Conjunto Sabroso – Live in Concert
Chris Wells - Pra Sempre - moo-phonix120101
Grand Union Orchestra - Now comes the Dragon's Hour - Redgold Records RGR309D
Grand Union Band - Around the World in 80 minutes - Redgold Records RGR307D
Jarmila Xymena Gorna - Hashgasha - 33Jazz

Steve Lodder - bout time 2 - sleeve records SLV5010
Karen Tweed and Timo Alakotila - May Monday - Fyasco Records FYCD003
Bill Jones - Panchpuran - brick002CD
The Tito Lopez Combo - Tito Rides In - Acid Jazz AJXCD125
Aqua D'Iris - Meridianos - movieplay mov30.434
Emigré – Brixton Beach

Alex Wilson - Anglo Cubano - Candid BCCD79205
The Most of Latin Groove - jazzfmCD18 (Merengada track)
Jive Nation – Under African Skies – Bridge BRGCD22
Ana Gracey – Honeyworld
Hanny – Pa’ Que Te Metas Adentro – Hanr001
Kiko Cowan – I’m Not Joking – KC1

Monica Vasconcelos - Nois Dois - Candid CCD 79781
John Etheridge’s Zappatistas - Live in Leeds
Mike Garrick Band + Anita Wardell - Down On Your Knees - JAZA5
The Tom Bancroft Orchestra - Pieology - CABER001
Merengada - Arrancando - Deep South West Records DEEP CD 005
Gregori Schechter – The Eye of the Storm - Oxford
Leon Rosselson - Harry's Gone Fishing - Fuse Records CFCD007

Alex Wilson - Afro Saxon - Candid BCCD79201
Snowboy and the Latin Section - Mambo Rage - CuBopCBCD013
Merengada - Un Mensaje de London (EP) MER002
Jaguar - Out of the Light - Wildcat WCCD2

Monica Vasconcelos - Nois - Candid CCD 79771
Grand Union Orchestra - The Rhythm of Tides - Redgold Records RGR306D
Graham Dalby and the Grahamophones - The Great Legends of Jazz and Swing - EMHE CDMFP6397
Gregori Schechter's Klezmer Festival Band - Live on the South Bank - JMHRCD016
CJ Lewis - Roadblock Arcade ARC111
Flux - Ushi's House - MACD010
4Mat4 – Get down get busy or get out – MACD009
Laila Amezian - Initial - Victor VICP-5812

Snowboy - M.F.O.S - Acid Jazz JAZID CD 146
Stewart Curtis' K-Groove - Smoked Salmon Salsa - 33Jazz053

Ildo Ferreira & the AFRO LATIN POWER ALP001CD
Ed Bentley - Out from and into - M records MACD007
Ed Bentley - Metropolis - Prestige Records - CDSGP0137
Gregori Schechter's Klezmer Festival Band - Der Rebe Elimelech - Arc EUCD 1324

Stewart Curtis' Klezmer Groove - Too Loud For Dinner - 33Jazz037

Lindsay Cooper - Sahara Dust - Intakt CD 029/1993
Gregori Schechter's Klezmer Festival Band - Echoes of the Schtetl - JMHPCD011

Beatmasters - Dunno What it is (About You) - Rhythm King Records
Fab Gear - Polystar - PSCR-1016

Louis Phillipe - Yuri Gagarin .el - Cherry Red Records ACME23CD
The Brand New Heavies - The Brand New Heavies - Acid Jazz JAZIDLP23

Tim Garland - Points on the Curve - Future Music Records FMRCD01-011988
The Guildhall Jazzband & Kenny Wheeler - Walk Softly - WaveCD32
Grand Union Orchestra - Freedom Calls - Redgold Records RGR303D

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